Maintenance Program



For those that are Pain Free or have become Pain Free after completing their Personalised Posture Program, we offer you our Postural Maintenance Program.

As simple, easy and fun 8 minute Postural Program to do daily ensuring your body is in perfect alignment therefore guaranteeing it being pain free and without limitations.

8 minutes! It is less than 1% of your day!

No need for expensive equipment or therapies, just easy, gentle exercises and stretches. Some of our clients love it so much they do it multiple times per day!

This Postural Maintenance Video takes you through the Pain Free Postural Maintenance Program the whole way, ensuring you are understanding and getting the most out each and every exercise.

You can check in to your account and watch it from anywhere around the world or right in the comfort of your own home.

Purchase your Postural Maintenance Program today and ensure your body is moving pain free and without limitations……. forever!