Postural Therapy


It is a well known fact that pain in the body is generally caused by your bones being out of alignment. It causes cartilage to wear down to he bone, discs to bulge, nerves to be pinched and muscles and tendons to strain, tighten and tear. It also affects your respiratory, digestive and lymphatic systems not to mention causing headaches, migraines and fatigue. So surely it makes sense that if your bones are in alignment, the way they were always meant to be, you will be pain free and firing on all cylinders? But….How do you get back in alignment? Well, how do we get out of alignment in the first place? Heres the #1 thing, are you ready?…. YOUR muscles, move YOUR bones. What ever movement (or lack of) you are doing in your life, your muscles are remembering. They are remembering which way to hold your bones because you repeatedly tell them. For example If you are always sitting, then your ‘Hip Flexors’ remember that that is their correct length. Get up to walk and hey presto, they pull your pelvis forward which tilts it up at the back squashing all those little discs in your lower back. What do you do about it? Chiropractor? Physiotherapist? Massage? Surgery? The #1 Cure for bones out of alignment, no doubt, is Postural Therapy. It goes for any part of the body. It shows you how to put YOUR bones back in alignment. Simply, quickly and more importantly, forever. No more need for other repetitive, expensive therapy or surgery, that gives you temporary or no relief. Just putting your body back its perfectly designed, balanced state so you can move pain free and without limitations…. no matter what your age!

The Pain Free Postural Therapy process is simple.

  • Send us 4 relaxed Static Posture Photos for Postural Analysis (Front, Back, Left Side and Right Side) make sure we can see your shoulders, hips, ankles and feet. i.e. no shoes/socks, shorts above knees and men no shirt, women sports bra or tight tee tucked in.
  • Indicate on our Pain Indicator where you are in pain and/or feel limitations
  • Tell us in details about any Pain and or Physical Limitations you have
  • Choose how long you would like your daily Personalised Postural Program to go for
  • Within 24hrs we will; Analyse, Diagnose and send you your Personalised Postural Program of gentle exercises/stretches, designed to put your body back into its perfect alignment, so you can move pain free and without limitations……forever.
  • When you are Pain Free, we ask you to complete your Personalised Postural Program for an additional week, before moving on to our Postural Maintenance Program. A simple, easy, fun, 8-minute Program, to keep your body in perfect alignment until the day you die.
  • If you are experiencing no pain or limitation, we suggest heading straight for our  Postural Maintenance Program for the easiest way to ensure you can maintain it that way.

Get your Analysis, Diagnosis and Personalised Postural Program today!