Pain Free Postural Therapy Workshops

Ensure you workers or clients are firing on all cylinders, every single day! 

Poor Posture leads to a myriad of problems. From the outward; sore necks, backs, shoulders, wrists, fingers, hips, knees, ankles and feet. To the inward; headaches, migraines, lethargy and sickness. How do people perform like that?

Poor posture makes your bones grind,, squash, pull, stretch or pinch your discs, ligaments, muscles, nerves and organs. Causing pain, injuries, tiredness and days off. It even affects your digestive, lymphatic and respiratory systems. From office workers with bad backs and wrists, to gym clients with sore shoulder and tight hamstrings. Surgeons with neck and feet problems, to builders with bad shoulders and backs. Police Officers with grinding hips and limps, to hairdressers with headaches and bad wrists. Posture related problems are in every industry and costs billions of dollars worldwide!

If your body is in correct alignment, there is NO PAIN, NO LIMITATIONS and NO WEAR AND TEAR. Leaving workers, or clients, to feel energized and perform at their best, every single day. Limit days off, afternoon drop offs, injuries and insurance claims by keeping your workforce/clients in perfect alignment.

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